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Abbie & Ben ~ 35mm Film Wedding Photography

June 15, 2017

Can’t wait to share the full collection of this ace wedding for my good friends Abbie & Ben. They had a small ceremony in London followed by a big party in Devon a few days later. Both were awesome!

Abbie is an amazing artist and Ben a fantastic film maker so I knew this wedding would be something special. I’ve been trying to shoot more 35mm film at weddings this year, I love the texture and look of it and I must admit I love the whole process of shooting film and sending it off to be developed and scanned and receiving it a few weeks later. It makes me slow down and my hit rate of photos I love is much much higher than I get shooting digitally.

Here’s a collection of just the 35mm film photos I shot at Abbie & Ben’s wedding. Hope you like them! If you love the style and want me to shoot your wedding on film then please get in touch using this form.